Monday, August 12, 2013

Walking With Your Dog (or Horse, or Cat, or ...)

Walking With: Choosing Breath

Set your intention.
     What is it you want today?
Check in with your breath.

Connect to your bones
     your deep space of compassion
Exhale, Inhale, Breathe.

Choose how you connect
   How you speak your words
Draw them from your bone-deep well.

Choose how you connect
     how you tether you
with your companion.

it is time
after these few breaths
create your connection.

Breathe deep in your bones.

Walk on.

Jenny and Ellie ©2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Teaching the DhYoga Way

Teaching the DhYoga way means that Ellie sets the course.

It's not about obedience, it's not about commands.
It means that we humans set aside all of our assumptions about our dog. All of them.

We spend some time with other dog/human teams. We practice meditation in movement, we practice coming to that still, quiet place of simple companionship in the company of others.

We practice useful skills for being in public with our canine companions.

If one of our dog companions has something to say, we listen. Instead of commanding our dog to be quiet, we practice skillful listening and skillful response.

Teaching and practicing in the DhYoga Way can be challenging as we set aside long-held habits and beliefs about how dogs are supposed to be. And the practice is so rewarding as explore how our dogs really are.

And we're off.