Camp Dharma Dogs

Service and Companion Dog Training

begin with the bond…return to the bond

Our relationship-based training methods begin and end at the bond of companionship. We draw on the science of behavior modification but always in the context of the heart of the bond, the companionship, the relationship of you with your companion who is of a different species.

Our methods are infused with the discipline of yoga, where we take yoga to mean 'union', 'joining'.

Camp Dharma Dogs is a program that provides ways to educate the assistance companion animal through clarity of languaging (for animal and human),  kindness and compassion.

Our approach is to provide support to the owner-as-trainer to implement positive dog-friendly and human-friendly training and education.

We can help with

  • Mobility Service Dog
  • Cognitive Assistance Service Dog
  • Service Dog for Child with Special Needs
  • Service Dog as Autism Assistance Companion
  • Anxious Dogs
  • Multi-species Family Dynamics
  • Cafe-Ready Dog Education (helping you to have a companion welcome in public spaces)
  • And….what do you need? 

Through Camp Dharma Dogs we aim to educate the world in which all of us live on accepting and integrating all people into our the fabric of our social culture, regardless of what physical, mental and emotional atypical 'somethings' are presented, through the able assistance of our animal companions.

At Camp Dharma Dogs we consider our animal assistance companions to be sentient beings with whom we cooperate in a clear and compassionate manner to foster well-being.

Meet Jenny and her co-facilitator, Ellie. 

Jenny Kendall ties together her lives as an animal scientist, statistician, poet, yoga teacher, horsewoman, and dog-trainer to share animal-friendly and human-friendly education through recognition and reliance on the bond of connection.

Ellie came to Jenny as a rescue with some, shall we say, interesting, habits, and  not a lot of social skills. She and Jenny continue to learn together how to begin at the bond, and return to the bond.


  1. I have an anxious dog. He is not brave. He is a German Shepherd with a little bit of wolf in him and he loves me dearly, is very obedient but he has no courage.

  2. I wonder if perhaps your dog need some confidence building to access his courage. Wolf-dogs have a high sensitivity level.