Saturday, November 28, 2009

horse poop, road kill, kitty barf - What's your dog's..?

favorite yum yum?

Your dog's idea of a yummy treat is not likely to be something you want to carry around in your pocket.

Yes, they may eat the cereal or day old popcorn, they might go for those 'healthy' dried bits, they might even eat the occasional vegetarian biscuit, but, well, it's been my experience that when they do, it's because they are appeasing you, not because it's what they really, really, really want.

Now, it's true that not every dog thinks fresh steaming horse poop is the equivalent of flourless chocolate cake with ganache, although I haven't run across that dog yet. And, my big Gilly (may she rest in peace) gave me the "have you lost your freakin' mind?" look when I gave her a nice beefy thigh bone. But it's been my experience that, from a dog's point of view, the smellier, the nastier, the more yummy.

I'm off to make another batch of grisly carcass brownies, which actually are pocketable, or at least treat-baggable. These seem to be a good compromise.

What gross-out yummies does your dog really, really, really like? Use the comment feature and let us know.

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