Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Hiking, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Ellie

Another milestone, Ellie's first hike and she was one happy dog. We headed to the Green Mountain Trail in the Catalinas, where we had the whole trail to ourselves early in the morning. Ellie clearly knew something was up, she could hardly contain herself as we puttered around getting ready.

Once at the trail, I didn't do much clicking, the joy of walking in the woods and smelling all the good smells and going up and down, experiencing exposure was pleasure enough for our girl. She's a rock climber too, although she is going to need to learn how not to tramp on packs and ropes. At one point, she and Tim went on ahead at a fast pace as I got used to the altitude and the fact that it's been way too long since I've been hiking. All in all, we got in about 4 miles of moderate trail.

It was neat to watch her navigate the trail, and it was gratifying when, as we were heading down trail she would moderate her pace over scree, checking in frequently to make sure we were there, and stopping to wait on us.

She even likes to drink from the camelback.

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