Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ellie, Buddy the Beagle, Ginger, Franko and Treat Bag Lady

I should have had the camera.

Ellie curbed her enthusiasm when we went by the dog park this morning. We continued around the park, loose leash, some water fountain drinking, a little play on the playground and there we were, back by the dog park.

Franko, Buddy, and Ginger have been there every morning. A nice group who have been inviting Ellie through the fence these past mornings.

Today is the day, after our successful play with Toby. We clicked our way into the ante-park area where I let Ellie loose to sniff noses. Then it was in the gate where she made her acquaintance with the regular morning crew.

What I should have anticipated and didn't was my own popularity! I am, after all, the treat bag lady and I have very good treats.

All the pooches hung around me, quite politely, sitting, watching, giving meaningful glances to my treat bag. But, I told them we had to ask permission, and permission was not given, so I zipped the bag and watched Ellie work hard to entice someone, anyone, to chase her. Apparently, being chased by a dog ties ball catching for high value play.

Ginger and Buddy have become my new best friends, even though I can't give them treats. Ha.
Because of their high level of interest, I was able to quietly gather Ellie in to put on her gentle leader and take our leave.

Another morning, another hurdle accomplished. Thanks Franko and the gang!

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