Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bizarro Dog World...

When Ellie and I leave the house, she focuses intently on just about anything except me. When we are in the house and I'm trying to get work done on the computer, suddenly I'm the most interesting thing in the world to her, and she'll do anything to get my attention, including tossing toys at me, grabbing my hand in her mouth and diving for my heels.

If I'm puttering, doing dishes, moving around, Ellie sits or lays quietly, watching me. Once I get quiet, she revs up. If I absolutely have to work on grading online papers, she gets almost frantic with wanting me up and moving.

It's like living in Bizarro World.

But here's an asute observation from my husband; He says Ellie is mirroring my emotional state, and I realize there is something to this. Truth be told, there are about a million things I'd rather be doing than grading papers, but I rather grimly set to the task. And there is Ellie, frantically working at a kong, and it doesn't look like she's having the least bit of fun. hmmm.

Emotions are subtle things, requiring subtle practices to address.

Next time, flower essences, or how Ellie chooses Vervain and I get the Lotus Cosmos.

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